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hand crafted sterling silver jewellery

Technical Information

Morgan Saddington working in her studio


I consider my jewellery to be "one of a kind" type work.  As each piece is completely hand-made, no two pieces are exactly alike.  I can re-create a particular piece however there are always slight variations that make each piece unique.  The images you see on my site are only a small example of my jewellery.  Most pieces are made to order.


You will notice that the bracelet sizes are all very similar.  This is because the standard length of a woman's bracelet is between 7 1/4" and 7 3/4" long.  However, I can customize most of the styles to fit any size.  Certain styles also suit men. Children's sizes are available as well.  

The necklaces range in size from 16" long to 30" long.  On my shorter chains, I like to add an "extender", to  give the chain an extra 1" to 1 1/2" in length.



All of the silver chains are handmade from start to finish.  I use different gauges of sterling silver wire which is coiled onto various sizes of mandrels.  These coils of wire are then cut by hand with a jeweller's saw to produce numerous links.  The links are then assembled one at a time into the various patterns of chains.  Some of the chains have soldered rings, some are cold joined.  The clasps are hand forged.  The chains are tumble polished in a rock tumbler to bring out the brilliant silver shine.  To finish off, I sometimes like to add a small accent of colour by using glass beads or stones. 


Silver will tarnish when left exposed to air for a long period of time.  I recommend that when you are not wearing your jewellery you keep it in a zipped up baggie or a jewellery box with a tight fitting lid.  To buff up your shine, I recommend a jeweller's cloth or making a paste out of baking soda and water. Use a soft toothbrush to brush on the paste then rinse with warm water.  Always be careful around precious stones and pearls.

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